Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Finding ALL the Boutique TREASURES for you

 Hello gorgeous ladies

If you might be new here, let me take a quick second to introduce myself. My name is Kimmie (Salib) Cundick. I am entirely motivated by love. I am a wife, mom, stepmom, and many other things just like you!

I have learned fascinating facts about a negative mindset vs. a negative attitude. 
I have worked with women mostly throughout my career, thus far—some competitive to the point of sabotaging anyone or anything to get higher. Some women are not. Some are complacent. That being said, I have experienced a lot and had lots of opportunities to observe. My work background consists of John Casablanca modeling in downtown Boston, MA. I have had great pleasure been on set and worked with companies such as: Disney, Hallmark, and Sundance Film. I am a licensed cosmetologist and have worked in salons. I also was a fitness ambassador of a huge supplement company based out of the UK. I've done multiple photo shoots involving catwalk and boutiques. I noticed something about people who I witness build empires, which brings me to the reason behind my new job. My brother, Sam Salib, is the most selfless human you will ever meet. I'm actually quite convinced he is the most selfless person out there. He runs his own business and it's very successful. His employees worked for him for 5+years & love him and call him (their boss) family, why? Sam has a unique gift that makes everyone around feel needed! Let’s talk about positive and negative energy for one second, if you don’t mind. It will help you understand my motive behind my thinking. Gahhh, I'm dying just to get it out ALREADY! So EXCITING because NO ONE HAS EVER DONE THIS BEFORE! 
One of my best friends, Kim Jaynes, had a big dream. She had obstacles such as credit card debt, a beauty school loan, car payment, only making minimum wage in a salon, etc. She is just like YOU and me!!!! She also had something that doesn't cost anything. She had and still has a POSITIVE mindset. She wanted to CHANGE the lash industry. It was so inspiring to witness Kim change a whole industry. Well, I'm going to CHANGE THE BOUTIQUE WORLD by helping shift the mindset “these are my customers"!!!!!!!! My genuine friend, Kim Jaynes, the founder of Borboleta Beauty, was the tool and helped bring the eyelash extension company together as a society!  Yes, she started her brand of lashes too. Instead of letting the beauty industry bring out the ugly sector, she held her vision and proved that supporting other businesses is the highway to success and true happiness. I have been put in a tough spot many times in my life, as I'm sure you have. My latest took place on January 12, 2020. I never saw my last day coming at that job. However unexpectedly, it did. I grieved for a week! I had a lot of time to think, ponder, and pray. During this time, I saw a lot of evil on social media, along with beauty. I read things of.. MINE, MINE, MINE. I couldn't help but think how selfishness can truly rob us, like thieves in the night. Along side my GoFundMe page, which was the HARDEST pride to swallow. It did however open the opportunity I would have never stumbled on for finding other fund campaign stories in my own area!!! Reading about other people's struggles saddened me. I wish I could help them, and it was awful to think I just got added to the page. I feared I might take one of their anonymous donations instead of their story next to mine.  
One conversation with my brother was that he mentioned for me to come go live at my friends boutique in Boston. He explained that we both could help each other grow! After much thought and talking with trusted friends and loved ones, I am now going to be traveling EVERYWHERE!!!! Visiting boutiques throughout the ENTIRE country and GOING LIVE! I want to bring them business and we are gonna party together doing so!!! I want to help women witness what supporting other women FEELS and LOOKS like! It is the ULTIMATE HIGH OF HIGHS!!!!!! So MANY of you shared stories with me this past week on “how I helped” you in a very difficult moments.  I bawled and bawled as they kept fluttering in on my phone!!! I was paralyzed this week, in a pathetic sad place and could not snap out of it. I was letting what some people might think of me ruin my thoughts. The anxiety of what my husband and I should do next was HELL! Your tender messages expressing your gratitude on how I brightened a dark moment in your life now in return helped me in mine, girls. You all need to hear that!!!!! I may not have responded, “yet,” but I will. PLEASE know I have read them ALL, & I can never repay you enough! What I find absolutely “beautiful” is this recycled gift we exchanged back and forth, that no amount of money could ever buy. Our love and supporting each other got recycled!!!!!!!  Let my adventures of supporting other businesses by spreading love and selflessness begin. You can follow my new YouTube channel for behind the scenes. You can follow this blog for all updates, pictures, and heartfelt stories! Please help this blog grow.  I am going to refer all the boutiques to this blog so they can be under my MISSION. Please feel free to  COMMENT any stories, like the messages I have been receiving. This will help stores that have never gone live before. Who knows?!? The possibilities are endless. I’m here to ELEVATE and CELEBRATE my new awareness! My goal is to bring new followers to every store I visit throughout the entire country. This alone, I BELIEVE, will help the economy and give those smaller businesses a fighting chance. It will also show, teach and testify that success comes from supporting each other, not tearing one another down.
I am contacting boutiques today, tomorrow, and forever.
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Finding ALL the Boutique TREASURES for you

  Hello gorgeous ladies If you might be new here, let me take a quick second to introduce myself. My name is Kimmie (Salib) Cundick. I am en...